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Nice to meet you

Welcome dear readers! Before entering our travel universe, let’s properly introduce ourselves: we are 4 women, each very different from another. Completely different lives, backgrounds, ages, jobs, BUT we meet on ONE subject, TRAVEL.
I go first, my name is Coline, I’m 29 and I come from Auvergne, the land of volcanoes, in the center of France. I was lucky to travel as a kid (I thank my parents so much), and it completely changed the way I see the world. One trip particularly changed my life: I lived in India for 8 months!
I’m Mélodie, I’m 25 and I come from Savoie (snow, mountains, ski, got it.) I have always traveled since I was a child. The discovery of new traditions and cultures have now become a passion. 
My name is Sidonie, I’m 22 and I come from Burgundy. Exploring other cultures has always been my passion, and traveling gives me the opportunity to get away from it all and open up to the world. My current project is to renovate a camper van to explore different parts of the world. 
Last but not least, my name is Christine. I am 61, the oldest, and travel is now my life since I sail with a boat around the world. It is a good way to discover places off the tourist track, or populations who still make a living from traditional fishing and whose way of life reminds us of mutual help and fraternity.
Well, with so many different ways to travel but with the same passion, we decided to share our special spots, our experiences, good or bad, and most of all, crossed views about travel. We are so glad you came to visit our blog, we hope you’ll enjoy our mindset and that it will make you want to travel the world!
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What's the point here?

Welcome to our blog, the place where passion and joy meet through the prism of travel.

Our “raison d’être” is to spread joy and open-mindedness through travel, a mission we embrace with enthusiasm. 

Here, the main subject of discussion is travel, but our aim goes beyond simple stories. We aspire to share a happy, tolerant and curious mindset with readers, encouraging them to discover the world in this unique way. More than just sharing experiences, we offer practical advice on how to turn your travel dreams into reality. 

Our distinctive approach lies in the diversity of our perspectives. We are four women from completely different worlds, bringing a unique richness and eclecticism to our stories. 

This blog was born out of our frustration with conventional, boring travel blogs that lack authenticity. We aspire to break away from the norm, to offer something more, something different. 

Travel is not “the ten essential things to do or to see”. Precisely, these 10 things, don’t do them! 

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